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New Website

We are very excited to launch the new website!

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  1. vert shock system
    vert shock system says:

    Vertical jump training emphasizes building up strength in your legs along with speed.
    The above hlpful tips oon exercises to improve vertical jump can assure yoou to enhance your upright lewap so you can achieve the highest jump
    you have been wanting. In that same vein, developing major
    hops will iin turn assist in the improvement
    of your start speed oor first step quickness. Did you know
    creatine is produced naturally in the body.

  2. Teresa Belt
    Teresa Belt says:

    Teresa with Vertical Jump here. I am so excited about our team and getting our training started. We have hired some fabulous Jump Crew team members. I can’t wait for our first training event this coming week. We look forward to taking care of our community and the surrounding areas in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and the Out-of-Stater’s just passing through. Come join our team and feel the Vertical Heart Beat! See ya soon, Teresa 🙂


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